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Propellers & Shafts
Cap Sante Marine offers
propeller, shaft and
running gear repairs
for any type of boat
or yacht, whether
pleasure craft or
commercial vessel.

• Prop Replacement


• PSS Shaft Seals


• Shaft Alignment


• Shaft Packing


• Zincs

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Inboard propeller repairs. We
repair bronze, nibral, and stainless
steel inboard propellers. In our
process, we check and adjust the
pitch, track, index, and balance.
We also do pitch changes and
      Outboard and stern drive
propeller repairs
. We offer expert
repair of aluminum and stainless
steel props. We accurately pitch

and track the propeller. Whenever
possible, the diameter is welded
back to factory specifications to
keep performance consistent. If
needed, we offer a re-hub service
and can repair damaged or broken
skegs and cavitation plates.
      Shaft straightening and
. We will inspect
bearings and stuffing boxes
for excessive wear; check for
corrosion; and clean, polish, and

straighten as needed. If necessary,
we can provide new shafting in
AQ-19 or AQ-22 to your length
specifications, reface couplings
to ensure accurate engine
alignment, and check coupling
register run-out.
      Other services Cap Sante
Marine offers are: strut and rudder straightening, cutlass bearing
removal, and replacement.