Shallow Draft
Stern Thrusters

Now, owners of such yachts
as Grand Banks, Nordic Tugs,
American Tugs, Down East,
Tiara, East Bay, Mainship,
Gibson and others can have
the “bolt-on” benefit of
superior maneuverability.
A true shallow draft unit,
our patented design draws
water from below the water-
line even though the unit is
not completely submerged.
This system will produce
maximum thrust in vessels
with a draft as little as 6.5".
Our thrusters are available in
diameters of 5", 8", 10" and 12"
to fit a wide range of vessel sizes.


Bow & Stern Thrusters


Cutaway view
Click the above link to reveal
the inner-workings of our
patented design.
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Cap Sante Marine has the most
advanced Shallow Draft Thruster in
the world. Our patented system will
allow your thruster to operate even
if the tunnel is not fully submerged.
This means that shallow draft
vessels, semi-displacement hull, and
others can now enjoy the advantage
of sideways thrust. Our unique
waterline tunnel can be installed on
vessels with as little as 6.5" draft and
can be mated with any brand thruster
motor such as Lewmar, Sidepower,
Wesmar and many others. Couple
our unique unit with a wireless remote
control and you will be the envy
of all your boating friends.
      While this patented system is
often copied, the performance of
our unique waterline-tunnel is never
duplicated. Be sure that your new
Shallow Draft Stern Thruster is the
patented Cap Sante Marine Design.
Why settle for anything less?