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For immediate release 10/6/2010:

Stern Thruster patent protects Cap Sante Marine's advanced technology.

At long last, Cap Sante Marine, LTD has been granted a patent (patent # 7789032) on the proprietary technology for their waterline stern thruster. The Waterline Stern Thruster was invented by Cap Sante Marine in 2002 for the purpose of offering the advantages of a stern thruster, to vessels with a shallow draft that would otherwise prohibit the use of a stern thruster.

The Cap Sante Waterline Tunnel’s unique design draws water from below the waterline and expels thrust water below the waterline without cavitation, even though the unit is not completely submerged. Other designs allow the ingestion of air, resulting in significant loss of thrust and causing excess wear by allowing the motor to exceed maximum RPM.

Because most mid-size trawlers, semi-displacement as well as planing hull vessels, do not have enough room below the waterline to mount a conventional stern thruster, the patented waterline tunnel can provide the convenience and safety of sideways thrust. In addition, the unit can be retrofitted into vessels that already have a bow thruster. This is done by combining both bow and stern thruster controls into a single computer controlled joystick.

Cap Sante Marine’s Bruce McDugle said “This is a watershed moment for Cap Sante Marine and the entire industry.” He went on to say “It has been an education in patience, politics and litigation. We now have the legal means to stop the ‘copycats’ from selling thrusters that use our technology and can focus on offering a superior product to our customers.”

Innovative variations of Cap Sante’s shallow draft thrusters, like their thruster kits and their box thrusters help solidify Cap Sante Marine’s position as the nation’s leader in shallow draft thruster technology.

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Bruce McDugle
Shallow Draft Stern Thruster