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Cap Sante Marine is known
throughout the Pacific Northwest
for its superior underhull design
and installaton.


A Cap Sante Marine underhull
can help to improve the per-
formance, handling and fuel
economy of your vessel, and
add lasting value to your
investment. Whether you are
looking to replace a rounded
chine with a higher performance
hard chine or adding an under-
hull as part of a complete refit,
Cap Sante Marine has the
expertise to do the job right.








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Underhulls can refer to any number of permanent additions to the underside of your boat hull like underwater lights or other hardware, but the common term referrs to adding chines to a rounded bottom vessel just below the water line on either side. Many boats, especially older vessels, featured rounded chines that tend to roll in heavy sea. Semi-displacement boats and especially planing hull boats with

rounded chines can benefit even more due to added buoyancy, better handling, faster speeds, reduced planing speeds and a host of other improvements to the original hull design. In addition, underhulls can reduce roll at anchor or at the dock for improved live-aboard comfort. Cap Sante Marine uses the best quality closed-cell foam for the core of its underhulls, then completely encapsulates them in fiberglass to prevent water contamination.

We have a large variety of shapes and sizes of underhull units ready to install as well as highly qualified engineers that can design custom underhull components to make the perfect improvement to your boat’s hull shape.

Contact Cap Sante Marine for an appointment for consultation regarding how the addition of underhulls can help the performance of your vessel.